As cloud models evolve, organizations are entering an important and exciting phase. Innovators are moving quickly to transform their business. How do you stack up? Our exclusive benchmarking tool lets you compare your cloud investment and deployment plans to those of your peers. The interactive assessment uses proprietary data from the 2015 IDG Enterprise Cloud Computing Survey to give you deep insights into the current and future state of cloud adoption.

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Innovation in the Customer-First Era

Customer satisfaction = company success. Smart companies view the customer experience as a strategic, C-level initiative. The ability to quickly deploy new systems to align directly with customers’ needs and expectations is critical.

Riding the Next Wave of Digitally Driven Innovation

Every business today is cyber-enabled in some way, shape or form. How can IT realign processes and systems to help create new business value? And what new disruptions are on the horizon?

Driving Success in Tomorrow’s Workplace

Shifting demographics have created tension between a generation of employees who want the freedom to work anywhere and IT teams tasked with protecting core assets. How can IT give employees the right tools to work better and make smarter decisions?

Building Value and Trust in the Digital Age

How are organizations using the cloud and other emerging technologies to address the growing cybersecurity challenge and turn trust into competitive advantage?